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2024 Featured Artist
Veronica Sandoval
Veronica SandovalVeronica Sandoval
When Veronica, a business administration major, met Gabriel, an oceanography major, neither imagined her hobby of metal embossing would become their own unique style of repoussé, the European technique of embossing metal sculptures. The two fell in love with—well, with each other, but also with copper and aluminum, whose soft nature allowed them to capture intimate details collectors discover - and rediscover - with each viewing.

The Sandovals’ creations find homes with many: the non-religious who still find comfort in a cross, the faithful seeking tangible symbols of their faith, and the wounded who find peace in their work. “Every piece we sell here, there’s something behind it,” says Veronica. “We don’t do anything without putting ourselves into it.”

The Sandoval’s inspiration stems from key values in their lives such as their roots in Mexico, nature, faith, family, and friends. Currently living and working in Scottsdale and Tucson, Arizona Their work has been exhibited in galleries both locally and internationally for the past 25 years

In researching the history of the ancient Art of repoussé, the Sandovals found that Eastern Europeans favored complex detail, while artists in Western Europe opted for depth and definition. But to Veronica and Gabriel, art was about reinventing tradition. Both hail from families with Spanish, Italian, and Native American heritage; both were born in Mexico. Living in America was an opportunity to create art with many bloodlines but no boundaries, combining finer detail with greater definition. Reflection became a design element, so their pieces change with the light. And while most repoussé artists favor subtle shades or simple patinas, the Sandovals added acrylics and oils to create a vibrant desert view.

2023 Featured Artist
Gilmore Scott
Gilmore Scott

Gilmore Scott

The mediums which I work with are watercolors, acrylics, and colored pencils. I do at times like to mix all three mediums to complete a piece of work. My Use of colors is strong and bold. My images and subjects are interpretations of how I view my culture, My Dine (Navajo) heritage. My subjects are of the high desert southwest landscapes and Navajo culture. I enjoy incorporating geometric designs that Navajo rug weavers are known for and also paint the open landscape vistas of my home area. These are just a few subjects which inspire my imagination.

I've studied art at the College of Eastern Utah and at Utah State University. Just short of a degree in Fine Arts, I start a career as a wildland firefighter. After 9 years with the U.S. Forest Service, I have now put my efforts back into my passion and love of art.

Gilmore Scott

2022 Featured Artists
Dianne & Doug Adams
2022 Art Festival Poster
Doug Adams Art
Adams Ryan Montpilier

Dianne & Doug Adams
“At a very young age, I found joy in drawing and painting. Those around me realized my talents and encouraged me. I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the art field. I experimented in every medium of painting, drawing, sculpture, etc… and found watercolor to be my medium of choice. Recently I have also been working with mixed media as well, along with acrylic and oils.

I immediately fell in love with the transparency of paint on paper and it became a natural process for me. There are elements in Watercolor that cannot be duplicated in any other medium. It excites me to see what can be done with it. As An artist, I find it amazing to see the outcome of applying paint on paper with the water doing the magic.

I am very excited about my recent series ‘Sticks and Stones’. The natural elements depicted in my pieces have a way of bringing the outdoors in.”

Dianne graduated with an associates degree in Art from Ricks College (BYU Idaho). She was influenced by many great artists including, Leon Parsons, Arlo Coles, and Matthew Geddes.

Dianne has been a self-employed artist for the past 25 years. Fifteen of those years were spent in Afton, Wyoming where she had the opportunity to show and sell her work in Jackson Hole.

About ten years ago Dianne moved to Utah where she has served as the President of the Cache Valley Chapter of the Utah Watercolor Society (CVC UWS) and as a Signature Member, she also served on the CVC UWS board for the last six years. Many of her paintings have been selected into shows in Salt Lake City and have won awards. She has also had paintings in both the Western Federation of Watercolor Society’s, and the National Watercolor Society.

She has also won many other local and national awards, including the Wind Rivers Valley Arts Guild Annual National Art Exhibit: Bird Art Award, for her painting “By the Water’s Edge”; and the Still Life Painting Award for her painting entitled “Pumpkins”. She had her painting “Fruits of Our Labors” Chosen for the 8th International Church Art Competition.


As a young man in November of 1980, Doug Adams started working for a large steel mill. He quickly became entranced by the process of taking recycled scrap metal from its simple form and making a new useable product. From the 65-ton electric arc furnaces spewing out molten steel, to the continuous caster cutting steel weighing 1.5 tons into 25’ lengths, to the final result of dozens of marketable steel shapes, Doug fell in love with steel. The work was hot, dirty, and often times dangerous to perform. Fast forward 30 years, and Doug Adams’ experiences in the steel industry have come to inform all of his one-of-a-kind sculptural bells.

Using many of the same techniques and processes with which he became familiar in the steel mill, Doug masterfully combines found objects, upcycled and reclaimed steel parts, priceless antiques, and glass elements, to create sculptures of astounding visual and aural beauty. Items that might end up in junkyards or farmers’ backyards are all potential art objects, waiting to be transformed!

In recent years, Doug began incorporating glass elements into his sculptures. These stunning gemstone-looking additions are created from reclaimed slag glass from old window factories and up-cycled glass bottles fused by Doug’s wife, Dianne Adams (an artist in her own right).

Designed to be displayed in the garden as well as the home, Doug encourages his collectors to experiment with the placement of their bells. Each collector’s unique environment will have an effect on the sound and resonance of their one-of-a-kind bell.



With a natural inclination and love of art, Ryan Adams started creating artwork at a very young age. As the son of two successful artists, Doug and Dianne Adams, Ryan was destined to become an artist.
Ryan’s father, Doug Adams, is one of the most renowned metal sculptors in the Southwest. Doug’s 30-year tenure as a steel mill worker provided him the skills to create beautiful resonant steel bells. Ryan showed interest in his father’s sculptures, so Doug began Ryan’s apprenticeship teaching him how to weld at the age of 11. After studying his father’s techniques and developing his own style, Ryan debuted his first sculpture collection to Exposures Gallery in 2017.
Ryan’s mother, Dianne Adams, has been a self-employed painter and fused glass artist for over 25 years. She creates incredibly captivating watercolor and ink paintings with unique incorporations of fused glass. With the help of his mother, Ryan integrates boldly colored fused glass throughout many of his bell sculptures.
With his recycled metal sculptures, Ryan can turn everyday objects and tools into something meant to be savored and enjoyed. Through his signature bells, Ryan finds new and exciting ways to transform an antique wrench or rusty ax into a whole new experience both tonally and aesthetically. With the encouragement of his talented parents, Ryan’s future as an artist is sure to resonate with his collectors!

2021 Featured Artist
Lynette Nichols
Lynette Nichols Painting

Lynette Nichols Painting

Lynette Nichols

My artwork is a collection of unique, original ink designs drawn free hand, without the aid of a pencil, ruler or compass. The detail of my work is a blend of patterns and designs influenced by various native cultures and a deep bond with the natural world. It is my desire that through my artwork I am able to share my personal expression of the intricate beauty of nature; if only to convey a new perspective of this amazing world we live in.

Born in Utah with an unbridled passion for adventure and a consuming love for the natural world. I was encouraged to follow my heart and my dreams. Through this journey, my life has been enriched by family and friends and a native culture that has shaped and molded who I am today. Now after twenty years on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation, my life has come full circle back to Utah. Through the encouragement of others, I began drawing, blending two things close to my heart; native culture and the beauty of nature. 2018 was my first year showing my art, I was privileged to have been accepted into the St George Arts Fest, Park City Kimball Arts Fest, Jackson Hole Arts Fest, Sedona Arts Fest, Durango CO Arts Fest, Pearl Street in Boulder CO, and other shows. I have been chosen as a featured artist for the 2019 Art and Soup Show held at the Salt Palace. My art was also accepted and shown for 3 years at the Springville Art Show. I look forward to the opportunity to share my art with others and become more involved within the art world.

2019 Featured Artist
Paul Twitchell
Paul Twitchell Painting

Paul Twitchell

I was born in South Central Idaho and at an early age moved to Northern Utah. As a boy, I spent most of my summers and falls with my family at various lakes and streams or in high mountain valleys. Fishing and hunting or just being in the outdoors occupied a large portion of my free time and a love of the outdoors quickly developed. I was always off exploring a new or different canyon, trying out the latest fly or lure, or studying the habits of elk, as cows and calves softly mewed to each other in the high mountain valleys. This fascination with nature, love of the outdoors and interest in photography and art, evolved into the art you see today. I studied art in high school and while attending Weber State University.

Watercolor is my primary choice of medium although I have recently completed several pieces in acrylics and several combining both mediums. The transparency of the paint combined with the perpetual motion of the medium combine to create vivid representations that reflect serenity and action at the same time. My attention to detail and mixture of colors combined with the use of light, bring to life fish and wildlife in natural settings. My work is intended to re-create a small piece of nature and provide a medium for people to remember past experiences, dreams of future encounters or to simply enjoy the light and colors, which are so much a part of my art. My wet on wet washed technique combined with my crisp edge and attention to detail sets me apart from other traditional watercolorists.

As an award-winning artist, I have had the fortune to win many Best of Show, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards as well as many purchase awards. I have also had the opportunity to be the featured artist at numerous art shows. I have had the pleasure of working with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources over the years providing artwork for fishing and hunting proclamations. I have supported many wildlife organizations over the years by providing artwork for their ongoing efforts.

I have available original art pieces both in watercolor and acrylic, limited edition lithographs, limited edition giclee on canvas board and stretched canvas and do commission work upon request.

2018 Featured Artist
Jeremy Winborg
Jeremy Winborg Painting

Jeremy Winborg

I've always had a passion for creating art. I have a love of nature and love to capture that beauty in my landscape paintings. I also love to paint Native American portraits and historical portraits. I have won several awards including the Viewer's Choice Awards, Best of Show Award, and the Purchase Prize at the Sears Dixie Art Invitational. My artwork is sought after by collectors, and I am often commissioned to paint custom pieces for people’s homes. I am involved in many art shows and auctions throughout the United States.

I enjoy the outdoors. Rock climbing and fishing are two of my passions. My wife, children and I currently live in beautiful Cache Valley, Utah, which is full of inspiring scenery for my upcoming artwork.

More about Jeremy Winborg

2017 Featured Artist
Darrell Driver
Darrell Driver Painting

Darrell Driver

I started Oil Painting in 2011, committing 20-60 hours a week in my studio, in the past 5 years I have seen my style change gaining the momentum which has led to what I have on display in front of you today. I vaguely sketch out an idea for a painting in one of my sketchbooks, I rely on improv to compose my piece to completion. My work tends to emit a journey-like atmosphere, the subject(s) have a destination mindset focused and forward. I relate with each one, the penguin caught in retrospect, the Holstein cow with a target in mind and the monarchs that keep a rhythmic pace. When I’m not painting/traveling I’m enjoying Salt Lake City with my wife and three kids.

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2016 Featured Artist
Matt Clark
matt Clark Horses

Matt Clark

Powerful art is spiritual—not necessarily religious, but spiritual. It invites us to internalize and interact—to put ourselves into the journey rather than merely observe someone else’s story. My purpose as an artist is not to create things of beauty but to uncover essence. I don’t focus on holding up mirrors of life; I express interpretations of life through universal symbols.

Those interpretations are deeply rooted in my own life experience. As a child and teenager, I dreamed of becoming a world-champion cowboy, but at age 17, I experienced a serious spinal cord injury. After more than two months in the ICU and six months in spinal rehab, the doctors dismissed me to a rest home and gave me three years to live. Medicine offered me no hope for a future, but something deep inside me said, "Wait a minute. I am going to define my life."

Thirty-five years later, I still work from a wheelchair. My physical limitations have required me to create my own tools and processes for doing things, but my accident has also given me the opportunity to recreate myself and my world. This is perhaps expressed best by the inscription on my sculpture The Healer, displayed at the Craig Hospital Healing Garden in Denver, Colorado: "My body has been broken and may not heal, but my spirit can and will transcend my limitations."

The metal objects I use in my art were originally created to perform a specific function. At some point, they outlived their usefulness, were broken, and lost their value. I surround myself with them and ask the question "What is the best purpose for this object?" I search for each piece’s innate power and then resurrect it and give it a new reason to be. For me, the transformation of these objects is symbolic of my own journey—of ultimately transcending broken dreams and heartache. My artistic process is a reenactment of my life journey. I think that has power in people’s lives.

2015 Featured Artist
Bonnie Conrad
Bonnie Conrad painting

Bonnie Conrad

Bonnie gratified a long-standing and unquenchable desire to paint when she began to study under Kent Goodliffe at Utah Valley University (1986) for two years and then branched out into workshops. Countless trips to examine paintings at galleries and museums amidst hours of practice rounded out Conrad’s education. She experimented with pastels and watercolors but her medium of choice became oils and a painterly style, skillful use of color and scintillating light became hallmarks of her work. Her subject is the West.

Ranch manager and cowboy poet husband, Roger, and Bonnie have lived on several ranches throughout the West and have called Montana, Nevada, Washington, Utah, Wyoming, and Texas home at various times. Years of living on ranches have supplied a wealth of information about the Western way of life. Conrad wishes the art enthusiast to hear the drumbeat and feel the exuberance radiating from a dancing Indian child, to experience the tenderness of a mother-child relationship, or to feel the wooliness of a cowboy who is wilder than the horse he’s on.

As a Signature Member of Oil Painters of America (OPA), American Women Artists (AWA), and American Plains Artists (APA), Bonnie values her acceptance in the highly competitive world of art. Bonnie Conrad’s studio, Windance Fine Art, is now located in St. George, Utah near the singular red rock area of scenic southern Utah.