Family Take Home Activity Kits

Check out the museum’s Children's and Teen/Adult Take Home Activity Kits! Created by our education specialist and former teacher Sarah Stradley. Each kit comes with instructions for a related art activity geared towards a particular artist. All materials are included. Make the project and send us a photo of your artwork if you wish.
The kits can be checked out at the museum’s front desk for $2.00 for children's kits and $5.00 for teen/adult kits, and enjoyed for 2 weeks before being returned.

  1. Flower Garden (Q-tip painting)
  2. Dorothea Lange (Sun Print Kits)
  3. Pattern and Texture (Zentangles)
  4. How to Create Mandalas (Mandalas)
  5. The Museum (painting / collage)
  6. Carmen and the House that Gaudi Built (Paper mosaics)
  7. Keith Haring Kit (Scratchboard drawing)
  8. Frida Kahlo and Her Animalitos (watercolors)
  9. Ruth Asawa (wire sculptures)
  10. Magic Trash (recycled sculptures)
  11. Claude Monet (oil and watercolor resist)
  12. The Name Quilt (memory drawing)
  13. Press Here (Dot art)
  14. Wassily Kandinsky (painting to music)
  15. Art is... (air dry clay)
  16. **Warhol / Basquiat (collaboration, mixed media)
  17. **Max Ernst (Frottage art)
  18. **Mark Bradford (collage / mixed media)
  19. **Beatrix Milhazes (painting, masking)
  20. **Ellen Gallagher (collage / mixed media)
**Teen / Adult Art Kits

Take Home Art Kits FAQ

Is there an additional Fee?
No, it is open to anyone who has paid admission to the Museum.
What age group are the activities geared to?
Activities are fun for all ages; very young children can participate with their parents supervision and adults often enjoy being creative as well! 
What are the hours for the Family Discovery Center?
The hours for the FDC are the same as the Museum.