Excellence in Arts Award

Excellence in Arts Award
The Excellence in Arts Award is to recognize outstanding service and achievement in the St. George arts community. Recipients of this award have made incredible contributions and lasting impacts on the arts over years of hard work and dedication to the field. Each of these individuals will be forever remembered for their commitment to and zeal in creating the beautiful and strong artistic community we enjoy today.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Arts Commission chooses one to two recipients each year and presents the award at the annual Arts Summit in September. 

2007 Gretchen Rowe
2008 Gaell Lindstrom & Ron Garner
2009 Glen Blakely & Diane Hafen
2010 Norm Lister & Doug and Mary Stewart
2011 Mary Williams & Dr. Norman Fawson
2012 Carol Lakin & L'Deane Trueblood
2013 Roy Fitzell & Lynne Clark
2014 Gail Bunker & Dan McArthur
2015 Roland Lee & Howard Putnam
2016 Ferron Holt & Gary Caldwell
2017 Ilene Hacker & Floyd Rigby
2018 Candy Fowler & Del Parsons
2019 Don and Dawna Kenworthy & James Brickey
2020 Bette Arial & Burke Belnap
2021 Matt Clark & Dr. Lynn C. Dean
2022 Marianne Hamilton & Kathy Cieslewicz
2023 JJ Abernathy & Kent Perkins