Learn How to Become a Board Member


All members are residents of the City and at least one member represents each area of art with which the Commission deals. Each member serves for an initial term of three years. (May serve a maximum of nine years.) Other members of the Commission include liaisons from the City, School District, and Art Museum. 

How does the Art Commission fit into the local government:

As chartered by the City of St. George in 1990, the St. George Arts Commission acts in a recommending capacity to City Council and Leadership to further the arts and the artistic community in the city. Arts Commission members are selected representatives of all arts organizations and artists in the city. Membership is contingent upon approval of the City Council. Working with City Leadership, the Art Commission identifies areas of need and growth and works to advocate for and promote development in those areas. City Leadership takes seriously the recommendations and advice of the Arts Commission when making decisions to enrich the quality of life for residents and visitors through the arts. Members of the Arts Commission have a direct line of communication with City Staff through the Community Arts Manager, the Deputy Director of Arts and Events, the Director of Leisure Services, and when called upon, may present to the City Council and the Mayor.

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