Youth Flag Football


  • This league is scheduled to begin in August 19, 2024
  • Gamedays and times will be announced after registration has closed, and teams have been assigned. 
    • Specified days and times will be dependent on the number of teams and registrations in each grade. Therefore, we will not know what night each grade will play until registration has closed. 
    • Registration closes on July 28, 2024
  • To offer the best learning and playing experience for the participants, we may need to combine grades based on those grades' registration numbers.
  • Practice schedules are made up and coordinated by the team's volunteer coach(s). 
    • Volunteer coaches are extremely valuable and needed for the success of our programs! If you or someone you know is interested and willing to coach, please contact us. 
    • If we are unable to find a coach for your team, games will still be played as originally scheduled. 
  • This league is to better develop the skills of the individuals as players and as a team. Absolutely no abusive language or behavior from anyone will be tolerated. 
  • Registration is now open, and will close on July 28th, 2024
  • Use the links below to register online, or come into the St George Recreation Center or City Commons Building. 
  • All grade levels for this league will be Co-ed, and all will be played with non-competitive flag football rules. 
  • Please register your participant for the grade they will be in during the 2024/2025 school year. 
  • Resident: $50.00 
  • Non-Resident: $55.00  
Gamedays for each grade (tentative)
Please be aware, these gamedays are a TENTITIVE schedule, and have the possibility of changing.
Click here for game schedule

Monday Nights
Coed 2nd, and 3rd Grades
Tuesday Nights
Coed 1st Grade
Wednesday Nights
Coed Kindergarten, and Coed 4th Grade
Thursday Nights
Coed 5th-6th Grade
Saturday Mornings
Coed 7th-8th Grade
Gameday Information
Practice Information
register here! Please ensure to register for the grade level the participant will be in for the 2024/2025 school year. 
Coed Kindergarten Flag Football

Coed 1st Grade Flag Football

Coed 2nd Grade Flag Football

Coed 3rd Grade Flag Football

Coed 4th Grade Flag Football
Coed 5th Grade Flag Football

Coed 6th Grade Flag Football

Coed 7th Grade Flag Football

Coed 8th Grade Flag Football

Youth Flag Football

Do coaches get equipment to use for practices?
Coaches will be given a chance to sign up for practices that will come with a reserved field, and equipment to be used for that practice. If coaches want to schedule practices outside of the time that we give them, then equipment may need to be provided by them dependent on the equipment used by the city. 
If my team does not have a coach what happens?
The games will still take place and all participants should still show up for the games.  If we do not have a coach, we will contact the parents of that team and ask if anyone would be willing to coach.  If you want to coach, you can indicate it on the registration questions or email us at [email protected].  
What if I don't know the rules?
Please review our Flag Football Presentation where rules and locations are indicated:  Flag Football Presentation
What if I missed the coaches meeting or became a coach after the coaches meeting?
We record our coaches meeting and will post it here:  Coaches Meeting - Flag Football 2022
Where do we get jerseys for our team?
Coaches will receive an email indicating when and what time to pick up the Jerseys for their team. The Jersey pickup will be held the week before the season begins at Al's Sporting Goods. Once jerseys are picked up by coaches, they can hand them out to the team whenever works best for them and the team. 
How are referees Selected?
Referees are recruited through a job posting and interview. We are always looking for experienced individuals who are interested in contributing their sports knowledge and skills as officials.  Our officials are trained to teach the game as the youth learn. If there are suggestions or concern regarding the officials, please contact [email protected]
How are teams put together?
Teams are arranged by the school that is listed at time of registration. If there are specific requests in the notes they are taken into account above the school listing. However, Registrations are not moved up or down ages without consent of the primary adult who paid.

If there is a request made of three or more players to be on the same team, then we will follow that request as long as someone is willing to volunteer coach that team. If not, then no request is guaranteed. 
What happens if my child's team doesn't have a coach?
They will still play! The responsibilities will be split up between all parents to make the team successful, but no practices will be allowed until a background check on a coach has been completed and approved.
When will my child's practice be?
Practices are not required by coaches. Since they are volunteer it is up to the discretion of the coach when or where or if they will hold practice. Some practice slots will be available depending on what is received from the schools. Coaches will have the chance to sign up at the meeting for those practice slots.
Why is the League Held All the way across town?
We understand that may different areas of the St. George City are involved in our programs and it is our goal to create hubs around the city to have teams not travel as far. If participant numbers permit, we will hold to it.
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