Kierstin Madsen

I have never been content with only looking at things. To fully understand and discover something, I had to touch it. I had to get a feel for it. I desired to experience the things that interested me through my hands. My Junior year of High School I took my first metalsmith class. It was in that class I realized my hands weren’t just used for experiencing things, but also had the power to create things that could be experienced. At that realization, an instant connectivity was formed between my body and soul. Soon I was filled with an inspired and rushing desire to share my perceptions of the beauty that surrounded me. My hands were the conduit for those desires; so I became a sculptor.

I have been creating jewelry and metalworking for 15 years. I found it outstanding and inspiring how simple elements like copper, bronze, or silver could become such profound unique items of self-expression. But not just that, how with creating wearable art, I had a way to invite others on my journey of true self-identification and open expression.

In 2018 I started MPE Designs as a conduit to allow anyone an opportunity to experience and add art to their life in a variety of mediums. My husband children and I work together to create unique handmade items that ring and resonate with those who encounter them. We also serve as a starting point for anyone who has a desire for something unique but needs help understanding how to bring that dream to life. We work in metal, fiber arts, canvas, paper, wood, leather, and much more. Each set or run we create is unique. I create to live. I live to love. I love to create.

My studies included earning of an Associate of Fine Art from Casper College in Casper, Wy, and earning my Bachelor of Fine Art with an emphasis in Sculpture and Metal-Smithing from Idaho State University in Pocatello, ID.