Raquel Coburn

"My ceramic pieces are influenced by nature, the home, and traditional Chinese pottery. I am inspired by the organic repeating patterns found within nature. Flowers have continued to take on significant meaning as I have studied floriography and the Victorian Language of flowers. I love that flowers can carry individual messages. The different flowers portrayed in my ceramic arrangements symbolize a distinct message or emotion. Unlike words, and like nature, my art can have unique meanings to different individuals. I hand paint the florals in blue monochrome style,  inspired by the traditional Chinese technique they use to hand paint cobalt on porcelain. I feel like there is always something classic, chic, and timeless about owning and passing down blue and white pottery. I have always been interested in the concept of functional pottery, and how my pieces can enhance a home space, a meal, or occasion. My ceramic artwork is designed for a  specific purpose with the intent to be passed down through multiple generations."