Kelly Atkin-Ramsey

Kelly is the creator of Motoqua Road, which is her small business that began back in 2016. The name, Motoqua Road, comes from her second home in Motoqua (pronounced Ma-TA-qua) where she spent her childhood barefoot and mostly wild. She makes her pieces “small batch” style, which means she takes the time to craft each unique piece. She uses sterling & fine silver but will integrate gold, copper, and brass when a piece calls for it. She is very particular about the stones she uses and only sources the material from lapidaries & mines that she trusts. Her designs are inspired by the Mojave Desert and her love for Southwestern style. She has been smithing for over 7 years and is still constantly learning. From implementing new techniques to the integration of different materials, she believes this art is a long-term learning process.