Purchasing and Procurement


At the heart of the City of St. George's operations lies a robust and transparent purchasing process designed to serve the community's needs effectively. Spearheaded by the Purchasing Division, our decentralized purchasing model ensures agility, faster decision-making, and access to specialized supplier knowledge. This approach not only fosters a diverse vendor landscape but also prioritizes engagement with local businesses, strengthening our ties to the community and potentially unlocking cost-saving opportunities through regional and state partnerships. Moreover, our commitment extends beyond procurement; we diligently manage surplus inventory through a rigorous process of assessment and disposal, optimizing resource utilization and minimizing waste. Through these efforts, we uphold our responsibility to the taxpayers, ensuring accountability, efficiency, and sustainability in all our purchasing endeavors.


1. To conduct all procurement in accordance with the Utah State Law and the City of St. George Purchasing Ordinance.
[ see City Code 1-10b ]

2. To obtain the required quantity and quality of materials at the most cost effective price.

3. To maximize competition, and provide interested and qualified individuals or firms with the opportunity to offer their products or services to the City.


Purchasing is a basic business function. Sound purchasing practices are integral to credibility and reliability in the everyday activities of government. Purchasing activities are of public interest and a matter of public record. The City Purchasing Division is governed by the highest ideals of honor and confidence and integrity in all public and personal relationships in order that we may merit the respect and inspire the confidence of the agency and of the public which we serve.  Under no circumstances will any City employee accept directly or indirectly, gifts or other items of value from individuals or firms in which it could be expected to have an influence in the performance of his/her official duties or be intended as a reward for any official action on his/her part.

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