Frequent Questions

How do I apply for Traffic school?
The St. George City Attorney's Office offers traffic school for minor moving violations. Taking traffic school can keep points off your record and your insurance rates lower. Go to www.sgcity.org/trafficschool, select your language preference, and fill out the easy step-by-step application process. About Traffic School 

Languages: English and Spanish
Total Cost: $70.00 + Ticket Fine Amount

Schedule: Always available
Location: www.sgcity.org/trafficschool 
Duration: Approximately 4 hours

Note: You may log in and out as often as necessary to complete the course. 

Questions about Traffic School 

Do not call the Court in reference to traffic school. For any questions relating to traffic school, call the Traffic School Helpline at 1-888-312-6552 or contact the City of St. George Legal Department at 435-627-4600. 

How long to I have to complete traffic school? If you are approved to take the course you must complete it within 30 days from approval. 

If I have paid for my ticket can I apply for Traffic School? NO! If you pay your ticket with Justice Court before applying or taking the traffic school course you will NOT be eligible for the course.
What is a pretrial conference?
A pretrial conference is a meeting between a Prosecuting Attorney and a defendant and/or his/her attorney to discuss the case and the possibility of a plea agreement or resolution.
How do I change my court date?
If you are not available for the date you were assigned you will need to contact the court where your case is being processed and ask them how to continue your court date. 

If you received a citation or were arrested by one of the following agencies.....You must send notice to the following prosecutor: 

Sheriff's Office
Utah Highway Patrol
Wildlife Resources
Park and Recreation
Washington County Attorney's Office
Justice Court Prosecutor
33 N 100 W, Suite 200
St. George, Utah 84770
(435) 634-5723
Fax: (435) 634-5720

St. George Police Department
Dixie State University
Port of Entry
Sheriff's Office
Utah Highway Patrol
St. George City Attorney
Justice Court Prosecutor
175 East 200 North
St. George, Utah 84770
(435) 627-4600
Fax: (435) 627-4260

Marshall McConkie
Call for mailing address
(435) 313-2631

If you were cited on SR59 between mile markers 3 through 12, please send notice to
Robert Cosson
Apple Valley Prosecutor
1777 N Meadow Lark Dr
Apple Valley, UT 84737
(435) 574-1397
I have been subpoenaed, what do I do if I have questions or concerns?
A subpoena is actually a court order telling you to appear at a legal proceeding, so you must appear at the place and time designated on the subpoena. If you fail to appear as ordered by the subpoena, you may be found in contempt of court and sanctioned with jail time and fines. 

What Can I Do If I Really Cannot Appear at the Time Designated by the Subpoena? 

You may contact the attorney issuing the subpoena by phone or in a written letter requesting the City to file a motion to continue with the court to reschedule the hearing. There are narrow deadlines for filing a continuance with the court so please be mindful that it could take several weeks to process. 

Disclaimer: Although the City tries to accommodate victims and witnesses in criminal proceedings, requesting a continuance is left to the discretion of the Prosecutor and your request may be denied.
What do I do if I have a warrant?
If you have a warrant please contact the Court that the warrant was issued from. The Prosecuting Attorney cannot do anything with you case until the warrant has been resolved and/or a hearing has been scheduled.
How do I expunge my record?
You can obtain an expungement packet from the Washington County Justice Court for all cases that were handled in our Court only. Please contact the Court for the packet or visit the Expungement Info section. It includes instructions and three forms that will need to be filled out by the appropriate parties. There is a total fee of $165 that will need to be paid to the Court. If the charge being expunged was originally dismissed there is no fee. Please be aware of the following time frames: 

Dismissals: 30 days from Closing date of the case. You may begin expungement proceedings, but the charge won't be expunged until 30 days have run from the date of closing. 

On most other cases, you must wait three (3) years from the case closing date with the EXCEPTION of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs and Alcohol Related Reckless convictions. The time period on those types of charges are ten (10) years from the closing date of the case. 

If you have any other questions regarding expungements, please contact the Court.
Can the City Attorney's Office represent private citizens who do not have funds to hire a private attorney?
No, the City Attorney's Office may not represent individuals in private legal matters. The City Attorney's client is St. George City Corporation as a municipal government, not individual members of the public. There are many ways to find a lawyer to represent you. One, you may want to consider, is the lawyer referral service named Legal Match (www.utahbar.org and click on "Find a lawyer" or 1-866-678-5342). The City does not endorse Legal Match and provides this information solely as a convenience to you.
Should I report possible crimes to the City Attorney's Office?
No. Reports of possible crimes should be made to the St. George City Police Department, (435) 627-4301, 265 N. 200 E. St. George, UT 84770.