Sign And Banner Permits

Permanent Sign Applications must be submitted online with CitizenServe:

Ask a Sign Question: (435) 627-4437 or [email protected] 

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To be eligible to apply for a permit to post Temporary Advertising Banners on commercially owned property within St. George City limits, the event/applicant must be defined as one of the following:

  • 10-DAY CUSTOM EVENT/HOLIDAY (for a business to post a temporary banner on-site at their own place of business);
  • CIVIC (for city, county, or other governmental agencies);
  • DIXIE CENTER (for events held at the Dixie Convention Center for at least two (2) days); or
  • NON-PROFIT (for 501(c)3 organization only).

Ask a Banner Question: (435) 627-4098 or [email protected]

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Forms and Policies

City-Owned Streetlight Pole Banner Application rev. 08-08-23
document seq 0.00
City-Owned Streetlight Pole Banner Policy rev. 08-08-23
document seq 0.00
Special Event and Holiday Banner Display Dates 2023
document seq 0.00
Special Event and Holiday Banner Display Dates 2024
document seq 0.00
Temporary Advertising Banner Application rev. 09-27-23
document seq 0.00
Temporary Advertising Sign & Banner Policy for Businesses rev. 06-17-10
document seq 0.00
Certificate of Insurance - Sample
document seq 0.00
Encroachment Permit Application
document seq 0.00
Exhibit A & B to Ordinance
document seq 0.00


How long does it take to get a permit?
Typically five (5) business days. However, if it is determined that your sign also requires a Building Permit that timeframe will be based on the Building Department's current workload.
Is there a fee for sign permits?
A $100 Sign Permit Fee will be collected in addition to any applicable Building Permit Fees for all new freestanding sign locations. There is no Sign Permit Fee for wall signs or panel changes. 
Is there a fee for banner permits?
No. Please refer to our Banner Policy for restrictions and qualifications.
How do I get a Building Permit?
If necessary (not all signs require building permits) you may apply for your building permit online at