Water Conservation Resources

The City Council has adopted landscape standards that limits outdoor irrigation with culinary water to between the hours of 8:00 pm – 10:00 am from June 1 – September 1. This helps to reduce the amount of water evaporation that occurs by watering in the heat of the day. During the summer months, the City provides over 40 million gallons of water per day to its customers.

Energy Conservation Resources

From LED streetlights to smart grids, cities are buzzing with innovative programs to curb energy consumption. Public transport thrives, buildings become efficiency-focused, and residents embrace smart choices, fueled by educational outreach and financial incentives. This multi-pronged approach lowers bills, cleans the air, and empowers communities, proving that city energy conservation isn't just possible, it's the key to a sustainable future.

SG SunSmart Solar

Access to sustainable, maintenance-free solar energy is now available to St. George residents through SunSmart. City of St. George Energy Services Department and Dixie Escalante Electric have built a large solar photovoltaic (PV) facility allowing residents to get solar power through SunSmart, a community solar farm. The program itself is simple, with no set-up, no maintenance and no risk to the purchaser. It is one of the many programs St. George offers its residents so they can take advantage of alternative energy. Please go to the Sustainable Energy Programs section to learn more about SunSmart and the other programs offered to St. George residents.

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SG SunSmart Solar



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