Frequent Questions

For Current Customers

What do I pay for my power?
The current rates are posted on the City’s website, Click here to review utility rates. 
What number do I call regarding my electric (utility bill)?


More information about utility billing can be found on the city’s website here.

General Information

What number do I call to report power lines down or other emergency situations related to the electricity?


This is the City of St. George Dispatch center which is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  If you get a recording the dispatchers on duty are answering another call.  Please leave a message.  Include the following:

  • Your name
  • Phone number with area code
  • Address of the emergency

The dispatcher will contact the on-call personnel.  Please be aware that that dispatcher may be addressing more than one issue and several callers.  Unless there is a question, you will probably not receive a call back.  

What number do I call to report trees in the power lines?


If there are trees in the lines of any lines attached to a power pole, please contact the City Power Company BEFORE pruning the trees.  

If I have a medical condition that requires oxygen or other special equipment can my home be assured of having power even if my neighborhood is experiencing an outage?

If there is an outage that is affecting your area, it is not possible to restore power to any one home or business until the situation has been restored and power is available to all customers in the affected area.  It is recommended that make arrangements in advance to provide for your medical needs in the event of a power outage.

How do I report street light issues?

You can report an issue with a streetlight by submitting our online form here or by calling 435-627-4826.  Please leave a voicemail as this phone is not monitored during the day but is checked regularly for messages.  Include your phone number and the address of the streetlight.

Streetlights are maintained by the electric service provider for the area.  If the streetlight is located within the service area for Dixie Power, please contact Dixie Power regarding the issue.

What area does the City Power Company serve?

The City Power Company service territory is roughly the area of the City north of the Virgin River.  Since the area of the St. George south of the Virgin River was already being served by Dixie Power when it was annexed during the 1980’s, Dixie Power remains the electric service provider for this area of the city.  

Does the City Power Company use any social media outlets?

The City Power Company has a Facebook page that can be found by searching City of St. George Energy Services Department.  Pictures of jobs the crews are working on, energy efficiency information and other news is shared on the page. 

For Contractors


Building Department will issue a connect order after final inspection. Electricians can call (435) 627-4800 to schedule an appointment for service installation and meter installation.


Please contact Building Department at (435) 627-4100.


Please complete our online form to request a trench inspection here.
Please allow up to 48 business hours to hear back from our inspector regarding your request. If there is a delay getting a response, please call 435-627-4804.