Power Generation

The City Power Company owns, operates and maintains several generation facilities. They include: 

  • Red Rock Generation Facility
  • Bloomington Generation Facility
  • Pine Valley Hydro
  • Millcreek Generation Facility
  • Back-up generation at various city facilities
  • SG SunSmart Solar

These facilities are maintained and operated by generation  staff which include:

• Five Generation Maintenance Technicians
• Generation Superintendent 

The City Power Company also provides real time monitoring of the electric system and work to maintain load and voltage controls. Employees also answer calls from customers, relay information during an outage, and dispatch work crews to reported problems.  

This is a 24 hour operation that includes:

• Five  Energy System Controller/Resource Schedulers
• Energy System Controller & Resource Scheduling Supervisor

Power Generation

Bloomington Generation Facility

This plant is located in the southwest corner of Bloomington. It is a substation within the compound along with the 7 Caterpillar Diesel Engines. They produce 2300 HP, 1500 kW each, totaling 11,000 kW. The engines run at 1800 RPM. The plant is designed similar to the Red Rock Generation Facility being kept in "Hot Standby". The plant provides load control and voltage support as well as being emergency back-up for the Wastewater facility. 

If you have any questions pertaining to power generation, please feel free to call anytime at 627-4800.

Millcreek Generation Facility

The Millcreek Generation Facility (MGF) is a natural gas fired generation facility.  It began commercial generation in May of 2006. The first phase had a capacity of 40 megawatts (MW). The second phase was completed in June of 2010 and increased the capacity of the facility to 80 MW. 

MGF is powered by two gas fired turbines. The total cost of the first phase was approximately 18.5 million dollars. The second phase cost was approximately 48 million dollars. A significant amount of the additional costs for the second phase was to install additional equipment that reduces the amount of greenhouse gas. Construction of the second phase also includes a building to house staff that operates and maintains the facility as well as the required control equipment. 

Energy generated from this facility is used primarily to meet the growing summer demand of the City of St. George.

Pine Valley Hydro Plant
The Pine Valley Hydro Plant was originally constructed in 1941 and continues to provide power to St. George. The plant sat idle for a number of years (1981-1995) - but was rebuilt on the same location (7 miles north of the city on a culinary water line) and was rededicated in May 1995. The maximum output is 600 kilowatts (kW) from an induction motor that is turned by a dual nozzle Pelton Wheel Turbine. The rated flow is 10.5 cubic feet per second (CFS) which is 4712.4 gallons per minute (GPM). This type of turbine requires high pressure to be efficient and the system uses a head box two miles up the line. If there is an interruption in power, the plant is programmed to maintain water flow.