Dispatch - 911

911Mission Statement:

We will work as TEAM and focus on our strengths, treating others with Respect, Honesty, Fairness, Consistency, Courtesy, Tolerance, and Politeness. Always moving towards our Goal: “Excellence in Emergency Communications”

The St. George 911 Communications Center is the dispatch center for every police, fire and ambulance agency in the county as well as being the 911 center for the public. Thousands of 911 calls are received as well as many more non-emergency calls and these are all disseminated from our Communications Center to the appropriate agency. The St. George 911 Communications Center has enhanced 911 capability which provides greater service to the citizens that we serve. The non-emergency line for St. George is 435-627-4301 and should be used to request an officer for a report, to report suspicious people or vehicles and any other occurrence that is non-life threatening. Things of an emergency nature where injury or death could be the result should be a 911 call to the Communications Center. 

 St. George Police  Records 435-627-4301
   Evidence 435-627-4331
   Drug Tip Line 435-627-4950
   CopLogic Link 833-537-1865
   Animal Control 435-627-4350

 Fire  Station 1 435-627-4150
   Burn Permits 435-627-4949

   Child abuse/neglect 855-323-3237
   DCFS 435-652-2960
   Hospital 435-251-1000
   ICE 435-674-8780
   AP&P 435-634-2800
   Children's Justice 435-634-1134
   Wash Co Fair 435-652-4000
   DWR 435-879-8694
Washington County Sheriffs Office    
   Records 435-656-6500
   Booking 435-656-6600
   Evidence 435-656-6500
   Juvenile Detention 435-627-2800
   Drug Task Force 435-627-4950
   SAR 435-656-6533

   Records 435-634-5730
   Dispatch 435-772-3256
 Washington City    
   Records 435-986-1515
   Evidence 435-986-1515
   Animal Control 435-673-7194
   online reporting  
 Hurricane City    
   Records 435-635-9663
   Animal Control 435-635-8314
 Victim Services    
   East Side 435-656-6505
   Washington city
(435) 986-1515 ext. 3
   Dove Center 435-628-0458
 Ivins/Santa Clara    
   Records 435-652-1122
   Animal Control 435-628-1049
   Records 435-635-0427
   Animal Control 435-772-5541

 Tow pro look up  
   Drug Court 435-673-0816
   5th dist 435-986-5700
   Hurr Justice 435-635-4072
   Santa clara Justice 435-673-6712
   Wash city justice 435-656-6350
   Wash CO justice 435-634-5728
Washington County Utah Citizen Alert


Receive alerts for emergencies and other important community messages by signing up for the Citizen Alert System for Washington County, Utah. This notification system enables the cities within Washington County Utah to provide you with critical information quickly in a variety of situations, such as unexpected road closures, missing persons, and evacuation of buildings or neighborhoods. 

 You will receive time-sensitive messages using whichever method you specify, such as your home, cell, or business phone, email, text message, hearing impaired receiving devices, and more. You pick where, you pick how. 

Individuals with disabilities who need assistance can register by calling Washington County Citizen Alert at 435-627-4914.