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Traffic Unit - Mission Statement

The St George Police Department Traffic Unit is dedicated to assisting the department with its stated mission of preserving life, maintaining human rights, protecting property, and promoting individual responsibility and community commitment.  We specialize in providing innovative and quality traffic enforcement services by effectively focusing our efforts throughout areas within the community that stand in need. We are dedicated to investigating collisions fairly and thoroughly in an effort to help citizens during a difficult time.  Our goal is to maintain safe roadways for our community by reducing vehicular collisions and aggressive driving.

Division:  Special Enforcement
Goal: Reduction of traffic collisions through education and enforcement in high traffic/collision areas.
Activities: Proactive traffic enforcement, accident investigation and accident reconstruction
Resources: ALPR (Uninsured Motorist Enforcement Activities), Marked/Unmarked Police Vehicles, and Kawasaki Police Motorcycles


Traffic Enforcement Officers

The traffic enforcement officers are primarily responsible for enforcing all Utah traffic and vehicle safety statutes, local traffic ordinances, and the investigation of vehicle collisions.

The purpose of the Traffic Unit is to create safer roadways for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.  This is accomplished through enforcing traffic laws, educating citizens, and focusing on high traffic density areas.

The traffic officers respond to community complaints regarding traffic safety issues and provide dedicated enforcement at high collision intersections.

Vehicle Safety Tips

Drivers should pay attention to what is happening all around them.  Drivers should look further ahead of them than the vehicle just in front of them.  Doing this will allow a driver more time to react to any given situation.  Keeping your focus on the road means no texting, no calling, no eating, no channel surfing through music, and no turning to chat with friends or family members. Drivers should slow down and provide greater distance between them and the vehicle they are following. Drivers should remember that as they turn, they need to maintain the lane of travel they are currently in and not swing wide into a different lane.  Drivers should stop for yellow lights instead of accelerating in an attempt to make it through the intersection to beat a red light.

Bicycle Safety Tips

Bicycles are considered vehicles and should obey all traffic laws, riding with the flow of traffic and being attentive to their surroundings.  A properly fitted helmet should be worn along with highly visible clothing.  When cycling at night, reflective clothing should be worn and bicycles should be equipped with a headlamp and tail lamp.

Pedestrian Safety Tips

Pedestrians should utilize sidewalks and crosswalks where available.  Where sidewalks are not available, pedestrians should walk to the furthest left side of the roadway walking against traffic.  Pedestrians should wear visible clothing in the day and reflective clothing at night.  Pedestrians crossing the roadway should avoid distractions such as cell phones and cross the street in a safe and prudent manner.