Traffic Detour Information

The website is designed to be utilized by the City of St. George Police Department as a way to quickly relay traffic detour information to the public. Special roadside signs posted at closure points will display unique QR codes and website links. These one-click links will show a map with a highlighted route and accompanying directions to specific locations. Additional links will be available at the homepage regarding other closures and detours. This program is utilized during planned special events such as Ironman 70.3 and the St. George Marathon with pre-planned routes and maps. In addition, this program is beneficial during emergency situations which cause traffic detours such as fatal crash investigations, large scale police/fire scenes, and weather or disaster related detours. To improve safety and discourage drivers utilizing mobile devices while driving, these links will provide very basic maps and directions similar to other navigation options. These signs will be strategically placed so as to be visible to drivers but to utilize a natural stopping location in order to access the QR Code or website. We remind drivers that they are required to be stopped and out of traffic before accessing this type of information and encourage passengers to act as co-pilots in accessing these maps and providing direction to drivers.