Washington County Drug Task Force

DrugTaskForceTileThe Washington County Drug Task Force is made up of detectives from multiple agencies in Washington County. These detectives are highly trained and specialize in narcotics investigations. Their main focus is  to address drug trafficking and other issues related to the distribution of illegal drugs in Washington County. 

The Task Force Board of Directors is made up of representatives (Chief, Sheriff, or their designee) from each agency, with the Chairman of the Board being the Washington County Attorney. 

The supervisors assigned to the Task Force are approved by the board. The St. George Police Department Investigations Commander is responsible for the administration of the Drug Task Force. There are two sergeants assigned to supervise the Task Force. A sergeant from the St. George Police Department and a sergeant from the Washington County Sheriff's Office oversee the day to day operations.

In addition to the two sergeants, multiple detectives from law enforcement agencies throughout Washington County, and our federal partners, are responsible for investigating large Drug Trafficking Organizations. These detectives are assigned from the St. George Police Department, Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Washington City Police Department, Hurricane Police Department, Santa Clara/Ivins Police Department and Adult Probation and Parole. Also, the Utah National Guard has assigned a full-time analyst to assist the Task Force.

The Washington County Drug Task Force works closely with the Washington County Attorney's Office, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the United States Attorney’s Office (USAO) and multiple other federal partners for successful federal prosecution of drug distribution cases in Washington County.