Adopt a Waterway

Southern Utah waterways have become polluted with trash and debris. This, along with stormwater runoff, has created a negative impact on our water resources and animal habitats. Rain washes trash from streets into the storm drainage system that leads directly to ponds, streams and lakes. Sometimes people dump trash directly into waterways on purpose. Trash makes our streams and lakes look terrible and harms aquatic habitat. Chemicals that may be in the trash can also degrade water quality. Removal of trash is one of the many ways to help reduce pollution. 

Adopt a Waterway volunteers have fun exploring local streams and feel great knowing they are helping the environment. It can be a great opportunity to teach environmental stewardship to children or a great team-building and community service activity for businesses, civic groups, and neighborhood groups. 

The Adopt a Waterway Program is a program that facilitates the monitoring, clean up, and enhancement of stream/river segments of Southern Utah and is open to individuals and organizations interested in helping the environment. To participate in the Adopt a Waterway program, volunteers will register to clean up a stream segment at least two times a year for a two year period. Once a group has achieved their first cleanup event, the group qualifies to have their name on an Adopt a Waterway trail sign, in addition to recognition in marketing materials and on the website! The information below can help you with the next steps for adopting a stream. 



Frequent Questions

Can I adopt more than one section?
Absolutely! As long as you are able to maintain the two cleanups per year requirement and have enough volunteers to warrant an effective cleanup effort. Please just keep your group's capabilities in mind when registering as we want to maximize cleanup efforts of these sections
What Waterways are available to adopt?
Please email [email protected] or view the interactive map on this page that shows available waterways that are in need of adoption.
Is the program only for St. George city?
No! There are sections currently available in St. George, Ivins, Santa Clara, and Washington cities, with the hopes of further expansion in the future.
What if I'm alone but still want to contribute?
There are other ways to contribute if a stream section is too much, such as adopting a stormwater inlet, donating supplies or resources, graffiti removal, and much more!
How many people need to be in my group in order to adopt?
We have specifically created shorter and longer sections of waterways in order to accommodate groups of any size and capability. The sections are customizable and it is recommended to meet or contact [email protected] to find the perfect section for your group.
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Adopt a Waterway Resources

AAW Program Agreement Form
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Adopt a Waterway Checklist
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AAW Enrollment Form
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AAW Volunteer Risk & Release Agreement Form
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AAW Safety Guidelines
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AAW Sign-in Sheet
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AAW Cleanup Data Form
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