Two new I-15 underpasses coming to St. George! 

Exciting transportation news: two new I-15 underpasses coming to St. George! 

The U.S. Department of Transportation has announced a grant award of $87,618,600 to UDOT toward funding local street crossings of Interstate 15 in St. George at 400 East and 900 South. The City of St. George is one of 132 communities nationwide to benefit from the federal Reconnecting Communities & Neighborhoods Grant Program.

The new crossings under I-15 will provide additional connectivity on the east and west side of St. George. The timing of the announcement comes at an opportune time for UDOT as it begins final design of additional lanes on I-15 between Exits 6 and 8, under which the crossings would be located.

Thank you to UDOT, the Dixie Metropolitan Planning Organization and residents of St. George for working together to create a unified vision with UDOT. The grant application included 149 pages of letters of support, 30 pages of community outreach, and 7 pages of place-making and local design concepts!