General Rules

  • Parking lot use is $7 per day
  • If your vehicle is oversized please park toward the east side of the parking lot
  • If you will be parking with us for more than 30 days please let us know

Parking Map
Parking Diagram 500x300 

Parking Tips

Parking Lot Cost
    • First 30 minutes free!
    • $7 per day
    • Lost ticket fee $75

Need help at the kiosk?

You can speak to an attendant!
Just touch the Phone button on the bottom right side of the kiosk


30 day parking (Long Term Parking)

Need to park for more than 30 days?
If you need to park for more than 30 days please click here to let us know. The same $7 per day charge will apply.
Please note that it is against city ordinance to camp in a city owned public parking lot. Violators will be evicted.

Affiliated Airline Parking Permits
If you work for an affiliated airline please contact our front office if you are interested in a parking permit (435)627-4080.
Parking will be charged monthly at affiliate airline rates. 
Curbside Pick up and Drop off
Curbside pick up and drop off area near the terminal is for loading and unloading only.
Do not leave your vehicle unattended or it will be towed.
Please only use this area if your passenger is quickly available for pick up and if you're dropping off. Use this area for your convenience and allow other patrons to do the same.
How to use the parking lot

How to use the parking system

    • Upon entering the parking lot you will press the ticket button to be given your parking ticket
    • Store your ticket in your vehicle, away from direct sun exposure, to avoid losing it during your travels
    • When you are ready to exit the parking lot have your ticket available when you pull up to the exit lane
    • On the left bottom side of of the Kisok is a "Scan your ticket" area, scan your ticket
    • The screen will display your parking charge amount
    • Tap or insert your credit card to the right of the screen to pay for your parking charge
    • Once payment has been accepted the gate will raise and you can exit the lot

If you need help at the kisok

    Press the Phone button on the bottom right of the kisok for an attendant!

Long-term parking notification

If you need to leave your vehicle in the paid parking lot for more than 30 please use this form to notify us.