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Environmental Impact Study

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Environmental Impact Study

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Appendix A; Principles of Noise
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Appendix B Pages 139-195
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Airport Master Plan


A Master Plan is a long-term oriented planning document that reflects the Airport’s vision for the future and represents the official planning document for both the FAA. The FAA requires a current master plan and airport layout plan in order for an airport to be eligible to receive federal funding. The main objectives of the Master Plan are to:

  • Ensure safe and operationally efficient facilities that meet FAA standards,
  • Develop feasible and flexible alternatives to meet forecast demand, and
  • Define compatible land uses surrounding the airport

This is the first Master Plan developed for the St. George Regional Airport. Master Plans are generally updated every 10 years or when significant changes at the airport occur. The result of the Master Plan is the Airport Layout Plan, which shows existing and proposed facilities within the 20-year planning period. The Airport Layout Plan will be submitted to the FAA for approval.


The Master Plan is normally an 18- to 24-month process.

Public Participation and Public Outreach:

The Steering Committee has been formed and is comprised of representatives from local, state, and federal government agencies, airlines, and private businesses to ensure expertise and input from stakeholders is captured.

Steering Committee Meeting #1 was held on December 11, 2020, in the SGU terminal building conference room. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the Master Plan and its goals, review existing conditions and forecasts, as well as to gauge stakeholder interests.

  • Steering Committee Meeting #1 Presentation
  • 2021 Dixie Transportation Expo was held virtually on February 9, 2021. The Master Plan project team presented the goals and desired outcomes of the Master Plan to the public.
  • Steering Committee Meeting #2 was held on April 28, 2021, in the SGU terminal building conference room. The purpose of the meeting was to review facility requirements and key issues for alternatives.
    • Steering Committee Meeting #2 Presentation
  • Steering Committee Meeting #3 was held on October 19, 2021, in the SGU terminal building conference room. The purpose of the meeting was to address alternatives and present a preferred development concept.
    • Steering Committee Meeting #3 Presentation
  • June 2021 Community Open House was held on June 10 2021, the master plan project team shared information with members of the community as part of the open house.
  • Dixie Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) – An overview of the master plan was presented to both the advisory and executive committee of the Dixie MPO in the summer of 2021

Master Plan Available Resources:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Technical Reports
    • Inventory
    • Forecasts
    • Environmental Overview
    • Facility Requirements
    • Alternatives
    • Financial and Implementation Plan – coming soon
    • Airport Layout Plan – coming soon
  • Media Coverage

Questions about the St. George Regional Airport or Master Plan Contact:

Rich Stehmeier - Airport Manager (435) 627-4080, [email protected]