What's Happening SGU


May 2024

The southern Utah community has provided amazing input and feedback about how they would like to see the airport grow and what services they would like to see moving forward. Great discussions at the Dixie Transportation Expo, Town Hall meetings, Master Plan public surveys, and emails from interested citizens have asked for three things most frequently: NEW ROUTES, LARGER AIRPLANES, LOWER AIR FARES. These suggestions have been taken very seriously and the new airport Master Plan that has recently been approved by the FAA provide clear steps on how the airport administration intends to accomplish those things.

The size of the commercial ramp had limited the size of aircraft that could service this airport and, by doing so, eliminated some of the airlines that had been interested in serving the Utah market. The commercial ramp needed to be expanded to allow additional airlines and larger aircraft and so, in October of 2023, the construction and rehabilitation of the commercial ramp began.

To ensure longevity of the new airport asset the excavation would need to go down 17 feet and be back-filled with specially engineered materials to avoid heaving and shifting from the native clay beneath. Protected by moisture barriers, topped with several inches of asphalt and then finished with 15 inches of high density concrete, the commercial ramp is complete and ready to be put into service for southern Utah travelers.

The entire project was intended to provide the three things that the community had asked for. The larger commercial ramp has already allowed the existing airlines to bring in larger aircraft, for example, the ERJ-175s (75 passenger) have become a staple on the airport instead of the rare sight they had been in years previous. The new ramp also allows parking for seven aircraft instead of the previous five. Five the seven new spaces are for 737s, ERJ-175s and large CRJs eliminating the limitation on airlines that only operated larger aircraft. The airport administration is currently marketing the new asset and working on attracting the new routes and destinations that the community is most interested in according to the Master Plan survey from 2019.

While the airport is unable to determine the rates for private businesses and airlines, it is intended that new airlines and new routes would provide the competition necessary to drive down air fares.

The next time you're in the market for an airline ticket please consider SGU as a way to show airlines considering our market that our community is ready to support new business. As always, airport administration is open to public suggestion via the Contact Us form on the website.